'Why are our bodies destroying themselves? A functional approach to the growing tide of autoimmune disease’ presented by Nutri Advanced

4 September 2018

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Please find below the Questions and Answers, answered by Robyn Puglia and Nutri Advanced

It has been suggested that glutamine carries a risk of inappropriate cell proliferation and cancer, is this something that we should be concerned about, as it is contained in several of these products?
Nutri Advanced: We do not recommend that Glutamine be used in cancer patients. Glutamine doesn’t by itself cause cancer but it has been shown to protect and nourish the cancer cells and therefore encourages their growth.

Please remind us the book and author Robyn mentioned?
Robyn Puglia: Healthy Gut Healthy You. Michael Ruscio

Is the Candex SIBO for the Remove part of 5R?
Nutri Advanced: Yes it is. You can find out more about our 5R recommendations on our website nutriadvanced.co.uk

Is there a causal direct link between SIBO and ulcerative colitis? (thinking of endotoxins)
Robyn Puglia: There is a strong association between the two.

When looking at supporting liver detox function, do you encounter problems with doctors etc. being concerned about prescription drug metabolism (for example do you utilise things like milk thistle which theoretically can change some drug metabolism)?
Robyn Puglia: I always look into the interactions, and write to the doctor about any impact on prescription if the dose might need to be monitored. But you can also do a lot with just food and tea, or things like NAC or Glutathione.

When looking at vitamin a, do you supplement or focus on diet?
Robyn Puglia: Carotenoids, liver etc for foods, and I also supplement at 5-10,000IUs.

Why would you choose 14.5 billion over 25 billion bacteria probiotics?
Robyn Puglia: Depends on age of the person, how reactive the gut is, what other therapies they are utilising concurrently.

What did the blackberry extract help with in the previous supplement?
Nutri Advanced: Blackberry extract has been shown in the research to act as a prebiotic, has anti-inflammatory actions and has selective mild antimicrobial effects whilst supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Once activated – how would you work modulate NfKb?
Robyn Puglia: Curcumin, fish oil, resveratrol, boswellia, ginger. And working to resolve infections.

Can sugars and lipids lead to an immune reaction or is it only proteins?
Robyn Puglia: Sugars and lipids can lead to inflammatory reaction, but it’s different than an antibody reaction that you would see to proteins.

Hi Robyn, so interested in how you talk to your clients about potentially running so many tests, thinking of costs and also people’s feelings about doing lots of tests?
Robyn Puglia: Great question. Firstly, I don’t run ALL those tests, they are just on the table for consideration in each case. Depends on the complexity. But I have an open discussion about what I am trying to achieve with the tests, how we might do that without the test and what the difference is, eg the time and money that is spent on trial and error interventions versus targeted and specific interventions etc. I am clear about the fact that we can 100% work without any testing if the budget doesn’t cover it. But it’s harder and takes a lot longer, and there are some things, like food reactivity testing or infection testing, that you cannot really guess.

Is food testing effective where the patient is taking immunosuppressants?
Robyn Puglia: Not usually recommended. But you can run total IgG and total IgA and if they are in the normal range you can consider it in some cases.

Please could you repeat the nutrients you just mentioned I missed one? I got vit D omega 3 and lycopene but was writing
Robyn Puglia: Compounds that act on T cells to dampen inflammation include glutathione, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, short chain fatty acids, and endorphins (from exercise, laughter, positive relationships, etc.).
Compounds that help to dampen dendritic cell overactivation include Quercetin, luteolin, apegenin and lycopene.

How long in protocol before re introducing fibre?
Robyn Puglia: Depends on symptoms. Possibly 4 – 6 weeks. Might be as many as 12 in a tough case.

How do you shift and transit from fibre restriction to fibre rich diet? What are the foods and quantities you first reintroduce?
Robyn Puglia: I use the green, yellow and orange columns of Alison Siebecker’s SIBO handout as a guide. I find it very helpful for working our quantity and type of food, and as you work from left to right, you are increasing fermentable fibre and also carbohydrates.

When is the best timing during the day for liver detox nutrients as glutathione?
Robyn Puglia: I often give detox support at night time before bed.

I have a 36yr old girl with Crohn’s who has had recent removal of a melanoma on her foot and metastasised cenital node removal. She has many food and drug intolerances. Has had steroid induced psychosis as well. Her Crohn’s is now problematic with all that has been going on but is now struggling to control it with all her food and drug intolerances. She’s extremely stressed and anxiety levels are high. What tests would benefit her and would the R5 benefit her?
Robyn Puglia: It’s very difficult to make recommendation for a case with this level of difficulty without all the information. I would consider comprehensive blood chemistry, and organic and amino acids as a place to start but I couldn’t say beyond that I’m afraid.
I would say she may benefit from the 5Rs but she is likely to need to proceed slowly and carefully and consider referring out to other people as well for passive kinetic therapies, stress transformation, counselling etc. Best of luck with this case.

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