Following the first three nutrigenomics webinars, the fourth and final lesson in the series from myDNAhealth will be held on 13th October, 6.30pm-7.30pm.

The interactive webinar is free to attend and will look at nutrigenomic influences on the liver detoxification pathways, and will introduce the concept of nutrients that are used to support the various gene deficiencies in these pathways.

The next two webinars on the IHCAN Conferences Webinars calendar come from Protexin Healthcare, and will be presented by Natalie Lamb, NT Dip CNM, mBANT, BA Hons, GAPS. The first webinar will be an introduction to the gut flora and fermented foods and will be held on 3rd November. The second will take place on 19th January and will answer the question: is it necessary to use probiotics in infants?

Finally, the most recent addition to the schedule comes from Invivo Clinical, who will look at using cutting edge molecular identification of the GI microbiota in the diagnosis and management of autoimmune diseases. This online seminar will be presented by Dr David M. Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN.

All of the CAM Conference Webinars are absolutely free to attend, and completely live and interactive. You can register online by heading to

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