Gut/Brain Axis 2014

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Introduction: 10.10 – 10.20


10.20 – 11.00: Addressing Anxiety and Stress States Via the Gut – PART 1

Charlotte Watts

Research into neuroscience is discovering that nervous system signals up from the gut up to the brain are more prevalent than the opposite ‘top-down’ information. This is the key to nervous system health as these are the pathways that let us know how we feel about (and therefore react to) our surrounding environment. As we now know that the enteric nervous system or the ‘Second Brain’ that lines the entire gut wall is capable of ‘thinking’, ‘feeling’ and ‘remembering’, isn’t it time to be listening to it more? Stress and the survival responses it provokes can quickly supersede this deep body connection, leaving us reacting from our brains and often ignoring what our bodies’ need. So where does nutritional therapy come in? Recent research has shown that gut dysbiosis can provoke up-regulation of the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis – simply put, an unhealthy gut milieu can add to stress by influencing the nature of those signals back up to the brain. When we consider that stress depletes these very probiotics, we can see potentially energy-rich and inflammatory vicious cycles beginning that feed into tendencies for anxiety states. Addressing digestive with adrenal and nervous system considerations can prove the most effective routes to settling continually heightened responses and this is most effectively addressed when we also help clients to ‘feel from their bellies’ and really feel the effects of the changes we suggest throughout their whole nervous systems.

About Charlotte Watts

Charlotte Watts is an ION trained Nutritional Therapist who has been practicing, consulting, writing and broadcasting about nutrition since 2000 and was the CAM Outstanding Practice Award Winner 2012. She has been an ION tutor, lectured for CNM and currently lectures Headshot from Daily Telegraphin nutrition for anxiety and depression and the digestive system for The Minded Institute. As an experienced yoga teacher, she infuses her nutrition work with yoga and mindfulness considerations, which support her specialisms in stress-related conditions such as adrenal fatigue, ‘burn-out’, mood and anxiety issues, insomnia and IBS. Her latest book The De-Stress Diet (Hay House 2012) discusses these links and their relationship to weight gain. Charlotte practices and teaches yoga in Brighton and London and runs retreats and workshops – see more about her work at —————————————

Refreshments: 11.00 – 11.20




11.20 – 12.00: Addressing Anxiety and Stress States Via the Gut – PART 2


Charlotte Watts


12.00 – 12.15: Bio-Kult CAM Awards Presentation


Lunch: 12.15 – 13.45




13.45- 15.00: Digestive Health Solutions


Ben Brown

One of the biggest health problems in the world is poor gut health; in fact it is at the basis of most chronic illness. This talk takes you deep into the digestive terrain on a journey of scientific discovery towards personalized, effective natural solutions for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is by far the most common digestive issue, and is not just a digestive illness but also a diverse set of symptoms including chronic fatigue, and anxiety. Characterized by nervous hypersensitivity, IBS is the model gut-brain disorder. Dealing with the gut-brain deregulation of IBS is not a simple task. In this talk you will review cutting-edge science and explore the mind-body connection, lifestyle factors, food intolerances (including common sensitivities, lactose, fructose, fiber, fats, and gluten), dietary influences and the role of the gut bacteria while looking at research on popular natural medicines, sifting fact from fiction, and uncovering evidence-based and safe treatments that can enhance digestion and quickly eliminate IBS symptoms, both in the mind and body. About Ben Brown Ben BrownBens forthcoming book The Digestive Health Solution is a painstakingly researched and immediately practical guide to digestive health that provides personalized and effective solutions for inside-out digestive wellness and forms the basis for this evidence-based, clinically relevant and deeply insightful talk. Ben is a naturopath, science writer and speaker. He teaches nutritional medicine, speaks internationally as well as contributing regularly to industry magazines and peer reviewed scientific journals. Ben also works in natural product research and development and has previously maintained a private practice. Visit



Refreshments: 15.00 – 15.30




15.30- 17.00: Exploiting the Gut-Brain Axis


Umahro Cadogan

Whilst the gut and brain are anatomically separate, they are very closely linked functionally. They share a variety of biochemical and communication systems, being connected directly via the vagal nerve and indirectly via the immune system for which the gut and its associated microbiome act as a key control centre. Accurate and practical methods of assessing digestive function, gut microbiome status, gut permeability and gut-immune interaction are essential tools for the management of GI disorders and related auto-immune conditions. However, given recent recognition of the gut-brain connection, clinical breakthroughs are also being made in the management of various psychiatric, developmental and neurological disorders, including autism, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, ADHD and atypical depression.
Umahro’s keynote lecture aims to bring you right up to speed with the latest science and clinical interventions in this field. It is hoped that the information gained might assist in your handling of clients with conditions that were previously regarded as being difficult to treat with nutritional and lifestyle interventions.

About Umahro Cadogan

umahroUmahro is adjunct professor in Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States, Oregon, USA and a functional medicine practitioner based in Copenhagen. His key interests include the intricate role of nutrition, biochemistry, genomics and lifestyle in creating, treating and preventing metabolic, auto-immune and chronic diseases. He runs a busy clinical practice
nhagen and lectures internationally to both healthcare professionals and patient groups. He acts as a consultant to various corporate wellness programmes and world-class athletes in order to help optimise health, performance and recovery.  He is also the author of numerous bestselling health and cookbooks and has hosted several Scandinavia TV shows on health.


Q & A: 17.00 – 17.15




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