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The final event of the CAM Conference 2015 series will be held on 7th November at the Cavendish Conference Centre, London. The topic of the November CAM Conference will be surrounding Mind/Body Nutrition, and will discuss how practitioners can trigger the healing process from the initial consultation, before any diet, supplements, bodywork or other modalities are employed. Presenting at the Conference will be three brilliant speakers: Dr William Walsh, Dr Barry Sears and Niki Gratrix. Delegates will have the opportunity to gain a full days education; receiving the latest research and knowledge. Additionally delegates will have the chance to network with over 200 peers and over 15 exhibitors.

Ticket prices include a delegate folder on arrival, a free goody bag, healthy refreshments and a gluten-free buffet. The ticket also includes audio and video presentation downloads available after the event. Ticket prices start from £84; however there are substantial discounts for members of associations or students.

Dr William Walsh
Dr Walsh PhD, the keynote speaker at the November CAM Conference, is president of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute and directs physician-training programs internationally. Dr Walsh developed a science-based nutrient system that has helped thousands of patients challenged by a number of disorders and diseases. Dr Walsh’s approach recognises that nutrient imbalances can alter brain levels of key neurotransmitters, disrupt gene expression of proteins and enzymes, and cripple the body’s protection against environmental toxins. His book Nutrient Power describes his findings and the advanced nutrient therapies which correct biochemical imbalances that are causing learning, behavioural, developmental and mental health issues.

Dr. William Walsh will be speaking on the topic of advanced nutrient therapies for mental disorders. He will be discussing how epigenetics research and improved understanding of methylation have led to powerful new capability in treatment of brain disorders. Dr Walsh’s presentation will describe nutrient therapies tailored for five depression biotypes, three schizophrenia biotypes, and various ADHD conditions. His presentation will include visiting the nutrient imbalances with the greatest impact on brain function, and also the importance of the methyl/folate ratio in mental health.

Dr Barry Sears
Also speaking is Dr Barry Sears, a leading authority on the impact of the diet on hormonal response, genetic expression, and inflammation. He has published more than 30 scientific articles and holds 13 U.S. patents in the areas of intravenous drug delivery systems for cancer drugs and hormonal regulation for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. He is the founder and president of the non-profit Inflammation Research Foundation from where he continues his work in the developing of new dietary approaches for the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases.

Dr. Sears will be concentrating on the role of anti-inflammatory diets to modulate the mind-body-gut connection. His presentation will explore the role that diet-induced inflammation plays in the connections of the gut, with the brain and the body, with special relevance to neurological and metabolic conditions. In particular, the ability of an anti-inflammatory diet to modulate those interactions will be discussed.

Niki Gratrix
Our final speaker is Niki Gratrix, an award-winning internationally renowned registered nutritionist and health writer helping people to optimise energy. In 2005 she co-founded one of the largest clinics in integrative medicine in the UK, with patients in 35 countries, where she worked as Director of Nutrition. In August 2015 she hosted ‘The Abundant Energy Summit’; the largest ever free online health summit on overcoming fatigue. She is also the creator of ‘The Abundant Energy Expert Practitioner Certification’ training for practitioners.

Niki Gratrix will be speaking on the topic of brain-heart-gut connection, focusing on the expanding of the clinical framework for successful diet and lifestyle interventions. Niki will be exploring the bidirectional relationship between the mind and body via the heart, and the role of limbic disorder, emotional trauma and Patricia Fennell’s Four Phase Model of Chronic Complex Illness as the context for successful diet and lifestyle interventions. Niki will also focus on the need to move from functional to integral medicine.

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