Places are going fast for the CAM Conference Focus On 2015, which is tackling the big questions about the immune system. The specialised CAM Conference concentrates on one specific ailment, allowing delegates to receive a full day of complete learning covering all aspects of the illness.

This year’s event will be held at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London on Saturday 21st November. The ticket price is £75 with a 10% discount offered to students and members of associations.

Included with the ticket is a three course healthy gluten-free lunch buffet, and refreshments available throughout the day. Attendees will also receive a delegate pack and a goody bag upon arrival, containing free product samples. Those who attend will also receive audio, video and presentation downloads after the event, as well as CPD accreditation.

The day, which is sponsored by Rio Trading, looks at ‘the immune system: cause and solution to chronic diseases’ and will feature five expert speakers on immune conditions:

Dr Philip Kielman

Understanding the basics of the immune system is necessary to appreciate how internal and external factors alter immune function. Many factors play important roles as to how our body will respond when faced with immune challenges.

International speaker, pharmacist and author, Dr Philip Kieler, will begin the day with his discussion into factors that can help us to enhance the immune system, and whether it is both the cause and solution in chronic disease.

Gail Lummis

Following a life changing health and nutrition screening with an EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Voll) BEST system in 1988, Gail began her own studies in Nutrition in 1998 and qualified in 2004.

Gail, who has since achieved the position of the UK Accredited Trainer and as a Master Practitioner of BioMeridian/Innovative Health Technologies health screening systems, will speak at the conference on ‘identifying stressors in relation to the immune system and chronic disease’.

Anne Pemberton

Following successful nutritional intervention on her son with Autism, Anne decided to change careers. Since 2006 Anne has been working as a registered Nutritional Therapist and tutor. Having worked as nurse nutritionist for Dr Damien Downing in York for 2 and a half years until clinic closure in 2013, and co-authoring “The Vitamin Cure for Digestive disease, Anne now manages her own busy international clinic, in addition to managing and teaching on the MSc course in Nutritional therapy at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York.

At the CAM Conference Focus On, Anne will take a clinical approach to supporting immunity by linking the role of detoxification and specific single nucleotide polymorphisms to immune health.

William Lee Cowden

USA board-certified cardiologist and internist William Lee Cowden, MD, MD (H), is internationally known for his knowledge and skill in practicing and teaching integrative medicine. Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and Professor of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine of Panama since 2008, William has pioneered successful integrative treatments for cancer, autism, Lyme disease, atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathy, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many other illnesses.

William will present ‘the impact of chronic infection on the immune system’ live via a video link and will describe the sources of toxins and microbes, the interaction between the toxins & microbes and some of the mechanisms by which they persist in the body as well as some natural therapies that can be used to clear toxins and microbes and restore health.

Jacqueline Young

Our fifth and final speaker of the day, Jacqueline Young, has worked as a clinic psychologist, nutritionist, oriental medical practitioner and naturopath for over 25 years, running clinic in London, India and the Far East.  She also founded the MSc in Nutritional Therapy at the Northern College in York and was one of the first winners of the CAM Nutritional Excellence Award.

Jacqueline will discuss ‘natural approaches for immune support’, exploring the latest research on the effects of diet and nutrition, herbal supplements and lifestyle on immune function. She will also outline practical approaches that can be used clinically to support clients with chronic disease.

Places at the CAM Conference Focus On are limited, so book your place now to avoid disappointment. Book online now at or call us on 01279 816300.

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